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AAPIRA Mission Statement

This organization is dedicated to the inclusion and involvement in the general community to promote our principles of individual freedom free markets and responsibility, conservative interpretation in following the constitution, limited but effective government, and social tolerance. Our membership is open to all who share these principles.

  • Promote Republican values and ideals;
  • Recruit and support candidates, primarily but not limited to, Asian American and Pacific Islanders
  • Islander Republican candidates;
  • Outreach and foster relationship with the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community
  • Help elect Republicans into office


AAPIRA is a membership-driven organization based in Santa Clara, California and affiliates around the California. Focused on the AAPI communities and welfare, AAPIRA works with its organizational partners, members, chapters, and supporters to empower the next generation of leaders.


  • Republican & Traditional Value: Promote Republican, traditional values and ideals.
  • Education: We advocate for a more inclusive and accessible education system for all members of our community.
  • Economic & Technical: We focus on economic opportunities and technical development to advance the future.
  • Fair Treatment: We promote fair treatment and the elimination of discrimination, stereotyping, and hate crimes.
  • Broadband Access: We support efforts to expand opportunity by increasing broadband access to AAPI communities.